Portrait (Look-A-Like) Reborn Baby Dolls

We have made several portrait (look-a-like) reborn babies with high success and customer satisfaction results to date, and the demand for this type of reborn baby doll simply continues to grow.

Pricing for portraits depends largely on the availability and size of the closest matching or chosen kit, as this is generally an unknown, yet deciding factor that could be different than our standard pricing structure.

To put the process into perspective:

  • We require at least two or three pictures to use for reference purposes, preferably one clear, close up picture of the face, or a head and shoulders picture at minimum.
  • We then research two or three available kits that closest match the real child.
  • Once the customer approves a chosen kit, we provide them with an estimate.
  • Upon acceptance thereof we issue an invoice for payment before we start working on the order.
  • Our estimated shipping time frame is around eight weeks from date of payment.

If you consider having a portrait baby doll made, please contact us as this is a unique process.

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portrait baby doll


portrait reborn doll


portrait reborn doll



portrait reborn doll



portrait reborn doll



portrait reborn doll