Working with us


  • While we will make every effort to meet your expectations, it is not always possible to create the exact look or outcome you may desire. We definitely have the artistic abilities to achieve a high resemblance or result, but please realize that it is simply not possible to create two IDENTICAL reborn baby dolls, nor to create a reborn that looks exactly like a specific baby photo you may have.
  • In all honesty, we can hardly duplicate our own work, therefor we will not even try to copy another artist’s work. If a specific doll or prototype is the exact replica you want, we strongly advise reaching out to its owner or the artist instead. If you see a doll that we have made before that you like, we can most definitely make you a doll similar to it. Feel free to send us an email with the name of the doll and we will advise you if the kit is still available.
  • We do not accept more than five custom or portrait orders per month as we feel that doing so will take too much focus away from staying creative and all our most valued customers most certainly deserve the full value of what they pay for. Plus, we have other business commitments that require our time and attention.
  • You are most welcome to be a part of the reborn process and to give your input as your baby is created. Photographs of the progress will be shared via email and all custom orders are created with the customer's guidance.
  • We do NOT work on, or with, any cheap, knock-off or counterfeit kits/sculpts or any reborn related products. We use high quality materials in our creations and vividly support original art dealers, reputable suppliers, sculptors and manufacturers in the reborn doll industry.
  • Prices for our reborn babies are formulated based on average costs for the size of the sculpt, the supplies and materials needed to make and ship a baby of that size, and the amount of time we spend on completing it. We love what we do, but we cannot work for free as I have bills to be paid too.
  • These are NOT play dolls or toys for young children. They are not mass produced or the same as the factory painted type you find in stores. They are considered art, recommended for the discerning adult collector. However, we most definitely will work with customers who wish to buy one as a gift for a child.


  • There are literally 100’s of reborn kits to choose from and the list keeps growing. We simply cannot list them all, nor keep track of which is available or sold out as this constitutes a full time job. We strictly order sculpts as and when needed. We also do not keep kits or other related parts in inventory unless we are specifically preparing for an exhibition or in the process of completing an order since buying/selling any of these items jointly or separately are not part of our normal business operations.
  • If you do not know the name of the kit you wish to have reborned, we suggest visiting known and trusted suppliers such as Bountiful Baby, Tru Born, Dolls By Sandie, Dolls So Real, Irresistables (USA), McPherson Art & Crafts (Canada ), Create A Little Magic (South Africa), or another reputable local supplier for ideas to find the one that tugs your heart strings where it matters (or a picture of a reborned kit for reference).
  • We have, and do occasionally deal with sculptors and suppliers outside the US, but given the current economic hardship that is felt globally, especially in the reborn industry, importing a sculpt can prove extremely expensive. Hence, the sculpt you choose must be available for order within the US, unless you are willing to carry additional costs related to international shipping, import duties and taxes involved.
  • If you are interested in having a portrait (look-a-like) doll made, please reach out to us to discuss the best sculpt or kit possibilities based on pictures of the real baby/child. We have a well connected network to help us find a suitable match relatively quickly.


  • We have developed our own skin tone ranges that we named CAUCASIAN ROSE (White/European)I, HONEYCOMB (Asian), SWEET SIENNA (Biracial/Hispanic) and VELVET (African American). Each range is further available in a light, medium or dark variant.
  • We use heat set paints as our preferred and most trusted medium. We started exploring with WaterBorne and Ultimate Fusion air dry paints and feel that we still have a bit to go experience wise to achieve better results than we can achieve with GHSP, but we nevertheless find all mediums easy to work with.

How do we paint?

  • The sculpt is painted with a multitude of thin, translucent layers to achieve the best realism, skin depth and dimension on a sculpt that are individually baked to heat set each layer.
  • Adding subtle veining, mottling, shading and blushing layers, and choosing skin blemishes such as birth marks, freckles, tiny moles, or milk spots, all contribute to making each doll a distinctly different and unique piece of art.
  • We take special care with the fine details such as the eyebrows, lips and nails and finish off the lips and nails with a protective gloss that provides a soft shine.
  • Our paintwork is finally sealed with a protective matte coat to ensure your baby doll will look as beautiful years from now as the day you first received it.


  • Our starting prices for any size reborn are based on a bald baby. Hair can be added as an additional option with a choice of either hand painted, micro rooted mohair, a 3D combo of both, or a wig. We prefer to use mohair or synthetic wigs for baby dolls 26 inches and up since their heads are enormous and extremely time consuming to root, but if you prefer your toddler hand rooted, you can easily upgrade to this option.

How do we root hair?

  • We draw a rooting map in a natural hair growth pattern with white chalk/pencil on the head before we start rooting the head. This ensures a very natural and realistic look, appearing as if the hair is really growing out of the scalp.
  • Once rooting is completed, we seal the head with glue on the inside to prevent damage or hair loss when the hair is later washed or styled.
  • The colors we use most are blonde, strawberry blonde, dark blonde, dark brown, medium brown, light brown, black and auburn, but these can also be mixed for a two or three tone head of hair – simply beautiful!

How do we paint hair?

  • Working in layers, we paint the head with soft, short and gentle strokes.
  • We can also use more than one color to highlight or accentuate the hair and/or growth pattern in certain areas.


  • The standard type of eyes that we use for awake kits are very realistic acrylic eyes.
  • They are far more cost effective than glass eyes which tend to be very expensive in comparison, though we understand this is the preferred choice of most collectors. If glass eyes are your choice preferred, you can upgrade at an additional cost.
  • All sleeping babies’ lashes are hand rooted to match the same color as the hair and sealed from the inside of the head.
  • The eyebrows can be drawn with a Prisma color pencil, painted or rooted depending on your preference.


  • Unless a kit comes standard with its own vinyl body, we use quality jointed doe suede bodies which makes it relatively easy to pose a baby doll in most natural positions. Full limb bodies are assembled a little more loosely to make posing easier.
  • We use every doll’s gender, length and age as a guideline to realistically weight them and provide a true newborn or that melt in your arms, cuddle feeling.
  • We secure a mix of high quality medium fine glass beads and poly pellets in medical grade gloves before placing and distributing it strategically in the limbs, head, neck, chest and buttock areas.
  • We also place baby scented wafers inside the body for that heavenly baby fresh smell unless the new mommy is sensitive to smells.


  • All our babies go home with a basic layette including one clothing outfit of our choosing, a baby blanket, a soft toy, COA if available, and a magnetic pacifier. Please let us know if you or someone in your family OR household may have a pacemaker or if there is another reason why you cannot be around magnets!
  • Small, medium or large box openings can be purchased additionally.
  • We also include a laminated and color printed letter (US) or A4 (SA) size OOAK birth certificate featuring a nursery register/identifier number, all custom specifications and information that is unique to each baby doll, with a detailed care guide printed on the back. For portrait or custom orders, the buyer has the option to select the name appearing on the certificate.


  • Some standard components of your baby doll can be upgraded at an additional cost if you require higher realism, such as upgrading to German glass eyes, or adding a belly or back plate.
  • Body plate upgrades are currently only available for preemies and newborns.
  • Unfortunately due to their size and general current unavailability, we do not have any body plate upgrade options available for mini's and toddlers, unless a kit was sculpted to include either a body plate or torso as part of the kit.
  • We carry a small range of accessories that can be ordered at an addition cost. The most worthy mention is our handmade baby cradles and nest beds that are available in medium (suitable for minis/preemies) or large (suitable for newborns/ some toddlers).
  • Any of these can be added in to your order before checking out.


  • Each custom reborn baby takes approximately six to eight weeks to complete.
  • Painting takes approximately 1 to 2 weeks and rooting or painting the hair can take anything from 2 to 4 weeks depending on the head size, length and thickness of the hair.
  • Delivery is scheduled within two to three days after completion, provided the order has been paid in full.
  • It has happened that the process was much shorter than this, but we prefer to stick to the given time frame for safety sake.


  • There are several accepted debit and credit payment options available at checkout.
  • We have payment plans up to 6 months and layaway plans up to 3 months available as well. These plans are are subject to mutual agreement. Please contact us for guidance and assistance these options.