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Paula started her journey with this amazing art form as part of a very long therapeutic, healing and recovery process after she survived a horrific and brutal attack during 2009 in her home country (South Africa) by Grace alone.

She fell in love with everything reborn and her enthusiasm soon rubbed off on her youngest daughter, Christelle. The two spent countless hours reborning baby dolls under her original SA trading name, Cradle Corner Nursery, and their combined artistry and professionalism gained them many followers, including several esteemed doll collectors and returning customers.

After Paula moved across the globe to Ohio, USA, in 2018, she co-founded Cradle Corner Doll Studio with her long time friend and business partner (now husband), US Navy veteran Will Kerby. They work together in sharing the business' responsibilities and management in the US, whilst Christelle is responsible for maintaining customer relations and handling all reborn orders amongst their SA clientele.

As a team and as artists, they continuously keep upgrading their skills, knowledge and techniques to provide high quality and the best value to all their customers. In doing so, Paula also developed in-house custom-mixed skin tone ranges, each of which is a perfect blend from head to toe.


Paula's proudest achievement to date is the toddler girl, Olivia (30"), that was used as a prop in the multi-award winning South African motion picture, Dis Ek, Anna (translated - It's me, Anna) in 2015 which is based on a true story. She reborned Olivia from the Secrist Dolls sculpt, Micah, that is now part of one of her granddaughter's personal doll collection. Olivia can be viewed on the Gallery page.


Given a very difficult road to recovery and well-being that Paula once walked herself, it has become the family's personal mission to promote mental wellness, and motivate acceptance of reborn dolls in the world. Doing just that, they are actively developing a Cuddle Care Support Program to be specifically of benefit to elderly patients suffering from Dementia or Alzheimer's disease.

There is also big plans in the making with their own range of silicone baby dolls, but time is not always on Paula's side when it comes to sculpting. It is however anticipated this will finally become a reality very soon.